Creative Mindfulness 5: Carina and Mommy

Hello and welcome. This is Janice Hoffmann for the Claremont Courier, and thanks for taking a short break from your busy day to smile, as you listen to the next installment of “Creative Mindfulness”. Mindfulness is simply looking at the current moment, from another perspective without judgment or rancor, and this morning, we have a narrator who gives us insight into the mind of a Maltese, specifically what goes on inside her head between when she hears a command and when she actually responds to that command. Were Carina a human, consider her in her late eighties. I hope you enjoy “Carina and Mommy”.




And now back to your busy day, hopefully with a smile on your face. Next time you need a break from daily routine, take a moment to go to the Claremont Courier website and scroll down to Creative Mindfulness, where you can read, as well as listen. Also available on your podcasts under Claremont Courier, Carina and Mommy is number five, so go back to “Creative Mindfulness, the Beginning”, to hear how Larry and I met in the mid-80s; “Open Letter to the CA Black Bears”, to hear a satirical take on who owns the right to Mountain Ave in the daytime; “My Moment with Stokowski”, a personal souvenir describing a momentary connection with genius; and “Remembering the Grand Prix Fire”, reflecting how significant that night in 2003 was to so many of us.

Look for a new one every Tuesday. Thanks for listening. This is Janice Hoffmann.


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