Friday nights are roaring back in the Village

Also on Friday, the Amanda Castro band played some popular Cubano music at Shelton Park for the fourth week of Friday Nights Live. COURIER photo/Andrew Alonzo

It’s been just over two years, but the Village seemed to be returning to some normalcy with music filling the air on Friday. Outside the Laemmle Claremont 5 theater, Frank Hanson and Stacey Rosen-Sturgis along with other members of the band Soulshine, played classic rock.

The Amanda Castro Band played popular Cubano music at Shelton Park, and solo act Anamaria De La Cruz played a mix of Hispanic and Latin-American songs adjacent to the Chamber of Commerce on Yale Avenue. And as expected, Claremont residents came out en masse to watch and cheer on each performance with excitement and delight.

Each Friday through October, special guest bands will be bringing their musical charm to the Village with outdoor performances. For more information on who’s coming to town, call the Chamber of Commerce at 909-624-1681.


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