Gold Line update

Now more than 88% complete, the 9.1-mile Foothill Gold Line extension project is about six months from completion, according to an email from Habib Balian, CEO of FGL Construction Authority. The project will connect Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne and Pomona to the existing Gold Line via a new light rail system.

The next few months of the project will be focused on systems integration testing to ensure power, communications and safety systems work as intended. Crews recently brought the first light rail vehicle onto the project rails and pulled it through the entire segment to test clearances. Crews will soon start live wire testing.

In late June, California Governor Gavin Newsom and state legislature reached an agreement on the 2024 state budget, which maintains the $4 billion figure approved in 2023 for the state’s Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program. Funding is provided through Senate Bill 125 and is to be distributed over multiple years to counties by population.

“Metro has earmarked the first $798 million of the $1 billion to be provided to Los Angeles County to complete the county’s portion of the Foothill Gold Line from Pomona to Montclair,” Balian’s email read. “This is good news for the project, as the funding will be available in time to meet our current procurement schedule, which anticipates hiring the design-builder in Spring 2025.”

The construction authority and Metro will get a funding agreement amendment in place in the coming months.

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