Obituary: Patricia Lawson Christ

Beloved mother, grandmother, great grandmother, homemaker

Patricia Moore Shawn Lawson Christ, “aka Patty, Mommie, and Muzzie,” has been gone 10 years now, and her family wishes to express their continued love for her because she is still deeply missed.

She was born in 1918, and became the matriarch of the Bill and Patty Lawson clan of Pasadena and Claremont.

“There is a ton that we are grateful for,” her family shared. “We grew up in that golden window right after World War II. In the style of that time, dad did the providing, and ‘Mommie’ did the bulk of the training and nurturing. She taught us manners, good English, and all the proper ways things should be done. But she also taught humor, gaiety, music, art, independence and tolerance. We three kids (Key, Carolyn and Ging) provided the folks with seven grandchildren. But Patty wasn’t going to be grandma or granny. With typical flair, she named herself ‘Muzzie,’ and we all loved it. When her twelve great-grandchildren began appearing, they knew her as Muzzie, just like their parents did.”

The Lawsons moved to Mt. San Antonio Gardens in Claremont in 1991. Mr. Lawson died in 2000.

“That left her betwixt and between, as she would have put it,” her family continued. “But it wasn’t too long before a relative newbie at the Gardens, Jack Christ, began to pursue. They soon became the romantic darlings of the Gardens. Jack was in love, and serious about it, too.” They married in 2002.

“Her last chapter was yet another wonderful period for Mommie,” her family shared. “They were busy and involved at the Gardens with many good friends. They took us kids on some terrific trips abroad, and had two large families to be involved with and entertained by. We will love, miss, and thank you forever.”


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