Trump continues to make accusations without evidence

By Peter Weinberger

I guess President Trump is not too concerned about his poll numbers. As they continue to drop, the American public—and the world for that matter—is still trying to figure out what’s next for a man with his own view of reality.

You think he would give up on his wiretapping claims after effectively being shut down by every high-ranking official involved. Yet here he is, still calling for investigations while going with his old standby of blaming the Obama administration.

I guess President Trump just thinks people don’t remember anything he has previously said. This was the case with Syria, where he repeated advocated for doing nothing, saying it was not America’s “problem.” In a 2015 CNN interview, Mr. Trump stated, “Let Syria and ISIS fight. Why do we care?” Over the past four years, he has made numerous statements on why we should stay out of Syria.

Then the powerful yet horrific chemical bombing images from Syria showed the world what Assad is willing to do to his people.

Initially, President Trump did what he normally does by pointing fingers at the previous administration. It’s a low blow for someone who forgets he’s no longer on the campaign trail. But then he did something quite presidential by saying he changed his mind on US involvement in Syria and that something had to be done. And as president, he’s the person responsible for making it happen.

At this point, Americans need to accept the fact that President Trump is allowed to change his mind, especially when based on dramatic world events. So yes, he flip-flopped big-time. But in this case, the US must take strong action against the Assad regime. Only time will tell if the president is up for the task.

Which brings us to Russia. If you have watched President Trump’s bromance with Vladimir Putin, it’s not only stunning, it makes it harder to believe the current administration was not in collusion with the Russians. Even though there has been no evidence of this, former CIA director John O. Brennan said “it would be premature at this time to rule anything out.”

So does the president tell the American people he has nothing to hide and wants a complete investigation so the truth comes out? No. He drops another verbal bomb by accusing Obama’s team of a “crooked scheme against us” for mining intelligence reports last year. Then, to turn the attention away from him, he accuses Susan E. Rice, Obama’s national security advisor, of serious criminal actions.

Does he have any evidence? Of course not.

Then if you happen to be one of the news outlets reporting on Russia, or doing your own investigation, the wrath of Trump will not be far away.

So with one of his weekly Saturday breakfast tweets, the president points his Twitter finger at Chuck Todd, news director at NBC News and moderator of Meet the Press. NBC did a report on why this could be a lame duck presidency.

Mr. Todd’s response was what I expected from someone who just wants to uncover the truth. 

“The fact is the president, if he cannot accept the fact there is Russian interference in our democracy in some form or another and he fights it every step of the way, then this story will consume him and his presidency will never get going and never get off the ground,” Todd said.

There’s a Trump rule of thumb quickly gaining ground with the people of America: The more he points fingers, tweets, yells, calls people names, and stretches the truth—the closer we get to the real story.


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