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Claremont City Government News

by Steven Felschundneff | Last Thursday, Claremont Police Chief Shelly Vander Veen announced she will retire from the department on November 10. At the chief’s recommendation, the city plans […]

Tina Wu Fredericks will discuss “Next Generation Challenges for Public Education” at the Democratic Club of Claremont’s October Luncheon this Friday, October 8, at noon. The talk is another in […]

Mayor Stark

When Mayor Jennifer Stark arose on Tuesday September 14, she undoubtedly knew it would be a long day. But she had no idea just how long. That evening, the Claremont City Council was set to make a decision on the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance and whether to tie its implementation to the Village South Specific Plan.

by Andrew Alonzo | When you take a bus tour around cities, it’s often exciting to view the unfamiliar sites along the way. But, how often do you get […]

Officials from Claremont McKenna College were granted a modification to the university’s master plan to accommodate a large new science building to be built at the corner of Ninth Street and Claremont Boulevard.

Pension Funding in Claremont

by Steven Felschundneff | The Claremont City Council approved a request from the city’s finance department to open a pension stabilization program, section 115 trust, creating a savings vehicle […]

by Steven Felschundneff | The season of delayed decisions continues as the Claremont Planning Commission elected on Tuesday to give itself a few more weeks to examine changes to […]

by Steven Felschundneff | During yet another grueling and protracted meeting, the Claremont City Council approved the Village South Specific Plan on Tuesday, a crucial step in reshaping the […]

by Steven Felschundneff | In what may be a harbinger of future discussions regarding Village South, on Tuesday the Claremont Planning Commission reached a last minute compromise on parking […]

by Steven Felschundneff | Last Thursday the Claremont Police Commission gave its approval for a complete reimagining of public safety on Claremont’s school campuses, but fell short of advising […]

by Steven Felschundneff | At long last the Claremont City Council got an opportunity to evaluate the merits of the Village South Specific Plan—however, the council concluded the plan […]

by Steven Felschundneff | During the Claremont City Council meeting on Tuesday, City Manager Adam Pirrie presented the city’s final budget for the upcoming fiscal year with an expected […]