Art Walk for August

Bunny Gunner

230 W.Bonita Ave. Time: 6-9 p.m.

Bunny Gunner is excited to be exhibiting the work of Lauren Verdugo.

“Naught. Zero, nothingness, and non-existence. After a year and a half of no access to a studio, this body of work represents designs and ideas that were constrained to the pages of my sketchbook during the pandemic. Loss, struggle, and rejection were magnified as several chapters in my life came to an end. These pieces were created as a way to process the uncertainty and grief that has defined this extraordinary introduction to the rest of my life.”

Studio C

260 W. Bonita Ave. Time: 6-9 p.m.

Patrice Cooley

A painter and mixed media artist, Patrice Cooley’s show is “Empathy and Geometry”.

Patrice’s work combines familiar and unfamiliar images to surprise and engage while exploring personal and symbolic themes around everyday life.  Over the past several years organic and constructed patterns have been a recurring theme in Patrice’s artwork.

About her work, Patrice said, “On one hand, patterns can be so obvious and predictable you can’t miss them.  Some constructed patterns made of repeating shapes or colors can feel stiff if they are too rigid.  Then, on another hand, patterns can be super loose, and unpredictable.  These loose patterns, barely recognizable as a pattern, can surprise us as we find organic connections between the parts to the whole.

These recent works are exploring a balance between tight, constructed patterns and more organic unpredictable ones.”

Dell Anno California
323 W Bonita Ave 6-9 p.m.

Tandy Robinson 

Bio: I am originally from Northern California and have been living in Claremont since 1992. I Came to love ceramics in high school but put it away for a while when I started my career in social work.

I retired 5 years ago and now devote most of my time to ceramics. Most of my work is in wheel throwing with the bulk of the pieces having a utilitarian purpose. 

Jennyfer Godfrey

Upon seeing my name, one would not know my ethnic background. I was born and raised in Taiwan and my full name is Jennyfer Hsiu Fen Godfrey. Hsiu Fen means beautiful, elegant, and graceful. These factors along with my Asian heritage are a major influence on my functional ceramic art.

Claremont Chamber of Commerce

205 Yale Avenue 6-9 p.m.

Law Of Nature by Rebecca Hamm

Law of Nature presents a glimpse into the powerful and mysterious forces of nature over the confounding pursuit of containing it as commodity. These works arrive from my immersive explorations and efforts toward safeguarding open and free areas of land from development. The titles are pairings of terms often found in legal processes and names of entities from the natural world.

A Southern California native, Rebecca Hamm received her B.A. from California Polytechnic University, Pomona and her M.F.A. from the Claremont Graduate University. She shows her artwork throughout the region including solo and selected exhibitions at Los Angeles City College, the Carnegie Art Museum in Oxnard, the Claremont Museum of Art, the Ontario Museum of Art and History, the Huntington Beach Art Center, and the University of Houston, Texas.

Square I

110 Harvard Ave 6-9

  • Square I will be showing work from their Estate Collection.


Sonja Stump Photography

135 W. First St.  6-9 p.m.

Robin A.Driscoll—”Whimsical Adventures in Watercolor, Alcohol Ink & Photography

Don Perez — “Natural Beauty”   Nature Photography

Claremont Museum of Art

200 W. First St., in the Depot, 6-9
Elizabeth Turk’s immersive artwork “LOOK UP” sends a message of hope, unity, resilience and optimism. Produced by ET Projects with the residents of Mt. San Antonio Gardens, the exhibition shares both intimate moments and spectacular aerial video clips of the residents’ movement patterns while carrying brightly colored umbrellas throughout the Gardens. “LOOK UP”, generously sponsored by ET Projects and Mt. San Antonio Gardens, will remain on view through August 29.

The projections are especially cool at twilight and some can be seen from the plaza. “Vintage” Music plays 6-9 p.m.

Neon Moon Art Supply & Studio

317 W. First Street

Stephanie Meredith

“Isolated Meditations, Works on Paper” by Stephanie Meredith

Stephanie Meredith is a Southern California based artist and educator. My recent works on paper are in a liminal space between drawing and painting. They each start with layers of leftover paint. I then respond to each layer thereafter with both paint and drawing materials.

I am interested in the process of mark making especially the small laborious marks that interconnect and intersect with each other. By using small marks I am referencing the history of women’s art, which is dominated by tedious work- needlework, embroidery, and sewing, rather than the grand gestures associated with history painting and later abstract expressionism.

These abstract pieces are small and on paper, which provides for an intimate and vulnerable experience for the viewer.

Paper has a tendency to show its flaws, they wrinkle and bend, and I highlight these vulnerabilities by keeping the pieces unframed and floating off the wall. Many of these works were made during the current pandemic. I found solace in the process of layering, destroying and resolving each piece. It was a rare part of my day, week or month where I could let go of the tensions of our time.

Claremont Forum Bookshop & Gallery

586 W. First St.  6-9 p.m.

Laura Rule “Expouration”

After years of working in architecture – using straight edges and straight lines, Laura has turned her attention to the abstract and relatively new technique of pour painting. Through the acrylic medium she explores colors, textures and forms to evoke beauty and to ponder life in all its forms.



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