City can help with foul weather protection

With October and the fall and winter seasons likely to bring rainfall to Claremont and to the surrounding foothills, the city is reminding residents of the many ways they can begin preparing for the upcoming wet weather.

Residents can view tips for what to do before, during and after a storm on the city’s website,:

Prior to a storm, the city recommends residents not only evaluate flood insurance options and develop an emergency plan, but also acquire sandbags for flood water ahead of time; clear their rain gutters and drains; and replace batteries in flashlights and other essential light sources.

During a storm, residents are reminded to avoid areas outside that could be subject to sudden or heavy flooding. If flooding begins during a potential storm, residents — indoors or out — should seek higher ground. Claremonters should also be wary of snakes and other wildlife.

After a storm, residents should check their homes and/or businesses for damages and begin to repair them immediately. Be sure to also check rain gutters, drains and ducts and replace any sandbags if necessary.

Sandbags can be purchased from the city at the following fire stations: station #101, located at 606 Bonita Avenue; station #102, located at 2040 North Sumner Avenue; and station #62, located at 3701 North Mills Avenue. Residents will need to bring a shovel as they are tasked with filling and hauling the bags off on their own. For more information, please contact community services at (909) 399-5431.

“In getting ready for the rainy season, the city clears storm drains, evaluates potential flood areas, clears city facility roofs and rain gutters, and trains staff on emergency response. It is important that the city, residents, and businesses work together to be as prepared as possible for a storm,” the city’s storm tips webpage read


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