City manager weekly news update

Pooch Park to be closed for turf maintenance
The Pooch Park will be temporarily closed from Monday, November 1, 2021 to Wednesday, December 1, 2021 for biannual turf maintenance and resting period. The city’s landscape contractor will aerate the turf, flush dog urine, remove invasive weeds, and allow the turf to rest. These routine maintenance activities allow for the turf to remain healthy and vibrant during the warmer months. During the closure, residents may visit other pet-friendly Claremont parks, which include the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park, Thompson Creek Trail, and Rancho San Jose Park. Residents may also visit pooch parks in adjacent cities, such as San Dimas, Upland, Ontario, and Rancho Cucamonga. For more information, contact Community Services at (909) 399-5431.

Sudden limb drop greater on warm days
Trees perform a process known as evapotranspiration, which is when trees draw up extreme amounts of water during the day, and then, through their leaves, release their moisture into the air. But on a hot day, a sudden change in temperature, or fluctuations in temperature, the tree does not get the opportunity to shed the extra moisture, and the increased weight will cause the limb to drop. In most cases, there are not any obvious signs the tree’s limbs are in distress. A fallen limb will often look like it has feathery cuts, healthy green and pliable with no signs of disease or pest infestations.
The recent fluctuations in weather may contribute to sudden limb drop. Not all limbs that fall are an emergency.

What to do when a limb drops?
• Small limbs can easily be placed in the green waste container, which is helpful to the city and allows staff to focus on larger higher priority tasks.
• Medium limbs may not fit the green waste container but are not necessarily an emergency. Medium size limbs can easily be pulled to the side to allow for pedestrian and vehicle travel. Call Community Services at the phone number below and they will arrange to pick up the limb as time allows.
• Large limbs that are blocking the street, sidewalk, or on private property that cannot be easily moved, call Community Services immediately.

Helpful information when reporting a limb down:
• Location — the more details or exact address the better.
• Contact information in case follow-up is necessary.
• Whether the tree is blocking the right-of-way (i.e., sidewalk, street).
• Is anyone injured or is there property damage?
• Size of the limb including length and diameter. If exact measurements are not available, use common objects to describe (e.g., about the length of a bus and diameter of a beach ball; about 12’ in length and the diameter of my arm).
Providing as many details as possible is helpful in deploying the appropriate response. Not all downed limbs will be taken care of immediately. Community Services will prioritize response by the information that is given. Contact Community Services for further information or to report a limb down at (909) 399-5431.

Shredding event a big success
On Thursday, September 23, the Claremont Senior Program hosted a free document shredding event at the Joslyn Center, where over 150 residents utilized the service to safely dispose of their sensitive documents. Visiting Angels, the event sponsor, collected almost $2,000 in donations from event attendees in support of AgingNext’s Care Partner Program, which supports seniors in the community who are homebound and at risk of social isolation. The city appreciates Visiting Angels for providing such a valuable service to the community, and for encouraging the community to give back to our older adults.


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