Claremont crime fighting duo hits the streets

Claremont police officer Matt Morales will be the handler for CPD’s new K-9, an 11-month-old red blood hound named Drew. She is trained in human scent detection and will be used to search for missing persons as well at locating suspected criminals who are attempting to hide. Officer Morales recently completed two weeks of intensive training with Drew at Scent Evidence K-9’s training center in Tallahassee, Florida. The training included scent detection on trails, including those that are days old. You can follow Drew and Officer Matt Morales on social media on Instagram at Claremont_PD_K9Drew” and on Facebook at Claremont PD Canine Drew.

The new 3500 Sq. Ft. CHS Student Center had it’s official ribbon cutting today after two years of construction. The new student center features several new classes, a kitchen and a massive indoor multipurpose room—a welcome update to the students. The center is dedicated to Dr. Brett O’Connor (Center-Right) is the current principal and has been a champion of CHS for many decades.

You know it’s a good day when the school you have served for so many years honors your efforts by naming a prominent new building with your name. But that’s exactly what happened to Brett O’Conner, the current Claremont High School principal, and number one champion of CHS. The Dr. Brett O’Conner Student Center is 3500 square feet and will have a massive multipurpose room to be used by the student body. Other amenities will make this a great place to hang out for years to come.


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