Despite CDC announcement, masks still required here

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention set off a whirlwind of reactions following its surprise announcement last week that fully vaccinated people can basically return to a normal, read non-masked, life.
This announcement was met with a combination of celebration and confusion from the public, even though CDC’s advice is a recommendation and has little bearing on the local health officer order. And on Monday, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health updated its masking requirements for the county.
“While the county’s metrics continue to remain low and stable, there continues to be COVID-19 transmission in California, particularly among those who are not fully vaccinated. For that reason, the state will be keeping its current masking guidance until June 15, and L.A. County will do the same and remain in alignment with the Los Angeles County Health Officer Order of May 3. It is important to note that the CDC announcement last week was not meant to eliminate current safety modifications at local and state levels, and the CDC acknowledged the importance of maintaining local protections,” county health officials said in a statement.
Masks are still required for everyone at large events, on public transportation and in retail and business establishments. Masks are also required for all unvaccinated people outdoors when physical distancing cannot be maintained. Also masking is still required in workplaces under Cal/OSHA rules.
Face coverings are not required for vaccinated people when outdoors, in non-crowded situations and when visiting others who are fully vaccinated indoors or out.
In Claremont there is not much to report with just three new cases, for a total of 2,325, and thankfully no new deaths, with the cumulative total still at 60. Hendricks Pharmacy held an inoculation drive aimed at teenagers on Saturday which went quite well (see the full story in this edition).
Claremont’s Public Information Officer Bevin Handel said that the city’s mask ordinance is tied to the county health officer order and will remain in place until officials lift the countywide mask mandate. When that happens the local law will automatically expire with no needed action from the city council.
Public Health identified 1,237,899 cumulative cases of COVID-19 across all areas of L.A. County and a total of 24,117 deaths. There are 352 people with COVID-19 currently hospitalized and 22 percent of whom are in the ICU.
While the outbreak in the county remains largely under control, the virus is still very much in circulation, with 255 new infections identified on Wednesday and 16 deaths. On Wednesday public health officials in Orange County announced that they had reached the benchmarks to move form the orange to the yellow tier in the state’s reopening framework.

by Steven Felschundneff |



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