Graduate is standing on top of the world

Claremont native Summer-Rayne Roberts is all smiles as she celebrates her recent graduation in a very unique fashion, standing at the peak of the highest point in the continental United States. After obtaining her master’s in Geographic Information Science on August 6, Ms. Roberts decided to skip the conventional commencement due to the education being totally online. Instead she climbed Mount Whitney on September 19 and 20, with her father Warren Roberts, a feat that was a bucket list item for Mr. Roberts. Once the pair reached the top at 14,505 feet, she donned her cap and gown for a “graduation” picture. “Conditions started off disheartening due to the smoke but ended up perfect conditions with the wind blowing it all away,” Ms. Roberts said. The pair climbed 6,395 feet and traveled 20.9 miles The 2012 graduate of Claremont High lives in Napa while interning in Viticulture for the season. She plans to “grow in the world of mapping and plant science.” Photo Warren Roberts.


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