Prostitution sting nets nine arrests

Nine suspected prostitutes were arrested for solicitation on Wednesday during a sting operation in south Claremont.

Detectives from the Claremont Police Department, along with Pomona Police Department’s Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking Team (SETT) conducted the prostitution sting in the area around Indian Hill Blvd. and the 10 Freeway. Both police departments have received multiple complaints from residents, visitors and business owners regarding prostitutes working in the area.

Beginning at 8:30 a.m., detectives observed multiple violations of solicitation for prostitution by these individuals. The subjects, including some who came from as far away as Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada and Arizona, were subsequently contacted and ultimately arrested.

The nine people arrested during the detail were transported to the Claremont jail, where they were booked and later released. Everyone who was arrested was offered resources and services to leave the sex trade if desired, and one person accepted the offer. The department works closely with local Project Sister which offers services for victims of human trafficking. Those who chose not to accept the resources were booked for prostitution.

Due to the current special directive set forth by District Attorney George Gascon, it is unlikely that these charges will be filed, according to CPD. However, the cases will still be presented to the district attorney.

“The Claremont Police Department is committed to addressing the concerns brought forth by our citizens and will continue to enforce laws to the best of our ability,” police officials said in a news release.

There are different types of “stings” that are conducted to control prostitution. Wednesday’s detail was directed toward those selling sex. Police also do “reverse stings” where officers target the male customers through the use of female officers as decoy prostitutes. When information is developed or obtained to arrest a “pimp,” then that individual is arrested, which is the department’s ultimate goal.

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