Sewer system on Bonita Ave needs new pipe

On Wednesday, Claremont announced that the city has “retained” Tunnelworks Services to “repair and line segments of the City’s sanitary sewer system” beginning next Thursday. According to the city, “lining the sewer main creates a new pipe within an existing pipe and is an effective method to repair defects and extend the useful life of the system.”

On August 5 and lasting until the early hours of Friday, the crew is scheduled to work between the intersection of Bonita Avenue and Berkeley Avenue—from 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. Residents are advised to find alternative routes during this time as “in order to access the site, the contractor will temporarily close the left turn pockets on Bonita at the Berkeley intersection.”

Residents who have questions, comments or concerns regarding this project are urged to contact the Community Services Department at 909-399-5431.


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