Tips for managing the COURIER’s new website

How do I log in?
A: Right now there’s no need to log in. The entire website is open. Since we could not transfer confidential passwords, users will be required to login in 3-4 months. Until then, no worries!

Where do I find the latest stories?
A: The top of the homepage has our latest stories, but that also includes the headlines under the main image. Stories without photos rest there.

How do I pay for my subscription or donation?
A: In the upper left corner of the homepage is a link to PayPal. Subscription and donation payments are separate since your donation is tax deductible.

How can I search for stories in the archive?
A: On the very top of the homepage on the right is a magnifying glass icon to click.

How have the sections changed?
A: Latest News, City Government and Profiles have been added to help navigate through our local news story selections.

What’s the red Find it Fast bar on top of the homepage?
A: We designed this to help find unique categories like videos and podcasts, weather, Entertainment, Real Estate page and contact us.

How can I pay for my subscription or donation?
A: In the upper left corner of the homepage two different links. One is to pay for your subscription, the other for a donation. They are different because we want to separate you subscription bill with your tax-deductible donation.

What is the Find a Business link?
A: That link allows you to search for any business in Claremont. We will be working with these businesses to add photos and more information as we move forward.

What’s new?
A: As mentioned, the Find a Business directory has information on all of Claremont’s businesses. Scroll down the homepage, and there’s a feed for events from the City of Claremont. Keep scrolling and you will notice our video and podcast hub. Coming next month is our feed from the MLS which put home listings throughout Southern California at your fingertips. We are also setting up a word games page for those who like word games and crosswords.

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