Neighbors help police get the jump on door-to-door robbers

A burglary scheme Friday morning, April 27, in the 2200 block of La Paz Drive ended with 3 men in jail. Witnesses say the men were going door-to-door in what is suspected to be an attempt to identify if anyone was home. One witness claimed he had answered his front door and one of the men asked to check out his backyard for a dog that had gotten loose. The witness suspected the lie and refused, instead calling police. Other witnesses saw the men jump into one of the backyards.  Investigation later revealed that the men had attempted to enter the home through the back door, but were unsuccessful, according to Lieutenant Shelly Vander Veen. Claremont Police located the men in a Dodge Stratus on Base Line Road, west of Indian Hill Boulevard. Jerome McWilliams, 20, of Victorville, Lester Powe, 18, of Rialto, and Darnell Batts 24, of Colton, were arrested for attempted burglary and conspiracy.

A subsequent search of one of their homes revealed a stolen firearm from a residential burglary in Rialto. Upon further investigation a count of gang enhancement was also added, according to Lt. Vander Veen.

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