Police blotter 10-2-15

Friday, September 25

Just before 5 p.m., 36-year-old Salome Rodriguez casually walked into the Chase bank, located on the 800 block of south Indian Hill, to allegedly cash a stolen check. The Pomona resident’s plan quickly unraveled when the teller contacted the victim of the theft, who confirmed it was stolen. When officers arrived on the scene, Mr. Rodriguez confessed to having a meth pipe in his pocket, according to Lieutenant Mike Ciszek. Officers also found two more stolen checks and a wallet belonging to a second victim. It gets worse from there: Mr. Rodriguez was wanted in San Bernardino County for allegedly stealing a trailer with $40,000 worth of belongings, including the checks, from the first victim. Mr. Rodriguez was transferred to San Bernardino County to face charges.


At the Bank of America on the 300 block of Yale, a customer was using an outdoor ATM at approximately 7:30 p.m. when 23-year-old Brett Kaplan of Chino Hills bumped into her, distracting her from what she was doing. When she forgot to log out after leaving the ATM, Mr. Kaplan allegedly swooped in and withdrew $400 from her account, according to Lt. Ciszek. The victim called the police when she realized what happened, but Mr. Kaplan was nowhere to be found. The next day, however, Mr. Kaplan committed a rookie mistake: returning to the scene of the crime to try it again. This time officers caught him, and he was sent to the Claremont Police Department jail to face charges.


Saturday, September 26

A knockdown, drag-out fight took place in the parking lot of Piano Piano, leading to several arrests. The brawl began at approximately 2:20 a.m., when 22-year-old Raymond Ramirez of Downey was kicked out of the bar for getting a little too drunk. His response was to sucker-punch two of the security guards. Mr. Ramirez’s posse, which included 21-year-old Joshua Ramirez, 22-year-old Joseph Ramirez, 27-year-old Ernie Ramirez and 24-year-old Henry Valencia, began fighting with the two security guards, spilling out into the parking lot.

When officers arrived at the Claremont hot spot, all members of the Ramirez clan (as well as Mr. Valencia) were placed under arrest, with Ernie Ramirez and Mr. Valencia getting picked up for outstanding warrants. They were transported to the CPD jail, where they were booked and released with notices to appear. One of the security guards was issued a citation for allegedly battering a woman during the fight.


Sunday, September 27

We all have our bad days. Sometimes we deal with them by breathing deeply and counting to 10, and sometimes we unload on random cars with a squeegee in the middle of the street. Jennifer Williams unfortunately took the latter route. Officers responded to the intersection of Foothill Boulevard and Towne Avenue after they were alerted to the 42-year-old Pomona resident swinging at cars with a squeegee in the southbound left turning lane on Towne. When officers asked Ms. Williams why she was lashing out in such a way, she claimed an unknown man attacked her. She declined to name or press charges against her alleged assailant. When officers asked Ms. Williams how much she had to drink, she held out her thumb and index finger to indicated about three inches. She was taken into custody for public intoxication to spent time in the drunk tank.


Two tailgates from two separate Ford trucks were stolen around the same time between late Sunday night and early Monday morning. The first incident occurred on the 2400 block of Bonnie Brae. Sometime during the night, unknown thieves removed the tailgate of a black F250 and made their escape. The tailgate was valued at $750. The same night, a group of unknown thieves stole the tailgate off an F150, which was parked on the 2200 block of Brescia. The second Ford’s tailgate was valued at $650. There have been no leads on suspects. Anyone with information should call Claremont police at (909) 399-5411.


Monday, September 28

In what could only be described as a complete fiasco, officers responded to a noise complaint on the 2100 block of Grand to find a gentleman who did not want to cooperate with police. The man, identified as 40-year-old Jason Rose of Upland, attempted to flee officers during a lawful detention. The officers chased Mr. Rose into a bathroom, where a struggle ensued. Mr. Rose then pulled out a concealed hunting knife, which resulted in him getting the Taser from one of the officers. To make matters worse, Mr. Rose’s girlfriend, identified as 45-year-old Angelica Vargas of Claremont, approached an officer from behind and grabbed him by the neck to push him away. Both Mr. Rose and Ms. Vargas were arrested and pinned with a number of charges, including assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit assault on a police officer, conspiracy to commit assault and disrupting behavior. 

—Matthew Bramlett


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