Police blotter 10-9-15

Wednesday, September 30

According to Lieutenant Mike Ciszek, an unidentified vandal slashed the tires of three cars in the parking lot of the United Church of Christ, located on the 200 block of Harrison Avenue. The incident occurred sometime between 7:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. while the owners were inside having an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. It is currently unknown why the tires were slashed, and the victims do not think they were targeted for any specific reason. Anyone with information on the incident is urged to call the Claremont Police Department at (909) 399-5411.


Thursday, October 1

Some people have to learn the hard way, since most of us know to always lock your car when away from it. Just after midnight on the 500 block of West San Jose Avenue, a thief broke into the trunk of an unlocked black BMW, stealing an audio speakerbox and a black amplifier. The thief also gained entry into the cab and tried unsuccessfully to take the radio. The value of the stolen items topped $1400. No suspects have been named or apprehended.


You know you’ve had too much to drink when bouncers at the bar refuse to even let you in. This is what happened to 38-year-old Joshua St. Martin of Encinitas in front of The Press on the 100 block of Harvard Avenue. Mr. St. Martin was enjoying a particularly wild night out in the Village when he attempted to enter the Press to continue his inebriated run. The doorman refused, but Mr. St. Martin kept trying. Eventually, the doorman called the police. After arriving, the police asked him how much he had to drink. He replied, “I don’t know how much I’ve had to drink, but I’ve had a lot. Do you want to know what year I was born? I was born in 2015. I do not see what the problem is. I’m okay.” This statement was enough to convince officers to arrest Mr. St. Martin for public intoxication. He spent the night in the drunk tank and was later released.


Sunday, October 3

A vehicle smashed into the front gate to the Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens sometime during Saturday night or Sunday morning. Claremont police responded to the location to find the gate heavily damaged with no leads on suspects. The damage is estimated to be around $10,000.


Monday, October 4

A quiet Claremont intersection turned into a scene right out of a bad action film. At approximately 5:45 p.m., a red Camaro collided with a white Toyota Tacoma at the intersection of Arrow Highway and Elder Avenue. The driver of the Camaro, identified as 22-year-old Steven Tinajero of Pomona, attempted to flee the scene without stopping to check on the welfare of the occupants in the Tacoma. Mr. Tinajero apparently made a big show of his exit, driving up on lawns and into oncoming traffic, according to Lt. Ciszek. At one point, a gray truck tried to block the path of the fleeing Camaro as its driver tried to speed away. Claremont police officers eventually caught up to Mr. Tinajero near the intersection of Moreno and Mills Avenues in Montclair, where it was determined he was under the influence of alcohol. Mr. Tinajero was arrested and booked at CPD jail on suspicion of a DUI causing injury.


An unidentified burglar attempted to break into the Western Dental office on the 700 block of Indian Hill Boulevard early Sunday morning. At approximately 2:32 a.m., someone used an unknown object to break a glass panel to gain entry into the dental office. A burglary alarm then went off, which apparently scared the suspect(s) into fleeing the premises. No property was reported stolen, and the suspect remains at large.

—Matthew Bramlett


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