Police blotter 11-6-15

Tuesday, October 27

Claremont police arrested a belligerent and combative Chino woman after she got into a fight in front of El Ranchero on Tuesday night. Ashley Amaya, 26, started the brawl at approximately 9 p.m. When officers arrived, they determined that Ms. Amaya not only was intoxicated, but she had driven her vehicle to the establishment in the moments prior to the fight. She was handcuffed and arrested on suspicion of DUI. While inside the squad car, Ms. Amaya began banging her head against the passenger window. Officers then restrained her with a hobble, which binds the feet together and hooks up to the handcuffs. Ms. Amaya was then transported to jail but, as she was being booked, she kicked an officer in the shin. The officer complained of pain and was transported to the hospital. The final tally for Ms. Amaya: DUI, obstructing an officer, assault with great bodily injury and assault on an officer.


Friday, October 30

A mysterious missing persons case made its way into Claremont late Friday morning. At approximately 11:46 a.m., officers pulled over a blue Mercury Montego that was registered to Jennifer Henry, a 42-year-old woman missing out of Lakewood. Driving the car was 35-year-old Pomona resident Dlando Brooks. Ms. Henry was not in the car at the time, and Mr. Brooks could not provide any information on her whereabouts, according to Lt. Ciszek. Officers arrested Mr. Brooks after discovering he had two outstanding warrants for his arrest from San Bernardino County. Anyone with additional information regarding the case should call the LA Sheriff’s Department Lakewood station at (562) 623-3500.


Saturday, October 31

An Oregon teen got into a heated scuffle with his friends and police after having way too much to drink early Halloween morning. Abraham Wilson, 19, an Occidental College student originally from Hillsboro, Oregon, was out with his friends on the 600 block of north Amherst and was allegedly causing a disturbance. When officers arrived to assist campus safety at approximately 3:15 a.m., Mr. Wilson was uncooperative and combative with officers, repeatedly screaming obscenities to police. When a friend tried to calm him down, Mr. Wilson allegedly took a swing at him in front of officers. He was arrested for public intoxication and spent the night at CPD jail to sober up. When he awoke the following morning, police say Mr. Wilson had no recollection of the night’s events and had no idea where he was.


Sunday, November 1

Just a few moments after the end of Halloween night, police arrested a Claremont woman after they determined she had too much to drink and rendered her a public danger. When police arrived to the house on the 500 block of San Jose at approximately 12:15 a.m., they determined that 28-year-old Heather Van Ginkel had punched another person in the nose following a heated argument. When police entered the home to investigate, Ms. Van Ginkel tried to block them by grabbing the officer’s forearm and turning him around. She was handcuffed and placed on the curb as police continued their investigation. As this was happening, Ms. Van Ginkel stood up while still handcuffed. When officers told her to sit back down, she screamed an obscenity and lunged at them. She was then placed in a squad car for resisting arrest, obstruction, assault on an officer and public intoxication.

* * * *

Meanwhile, on the northern end of the city, officers arrested a drunk man at Piano Piano after he got into a fight with another person in front of the building. It began at 12:36 a.m., when officers responded to the scene and began talking to the two men, one of whom was 25-year-old Javier Pena of Walnut. Mr. Pena was argumentative with police, repeatedly hurling insults and slurs at them as they tried to investigate the situation. At one point, he called an Uber and officers were allowing him to leave the establishment. According to the report, Mr. Pena flicked a cigarette and became more combative when officers asked him to pick it up. As he was stumbling toward the Uber, Mr. Pena, who at this point was given every opportunity to leave the situation without handcuffs, turned around and said to officers, “You don’t know who you’re f**king with, f**king f*****t.” That was the final straw; officers arrested Mr. Peña for public intoxication and he was transported to CPD jail to sober up. Police had no word on what costume Mr. Peña was wearing or where he placed in Piano Piano’s costume contest.

* * *

Later in the day, at approximately 11:24 a.m., officers arrested a Los Angeles man for being drunk in public on the corner of Foothill and Towne. While traveling southbound on Towne, officers noticed a man, later identified as 67-year-old William Fedorka, stumbling across the crosswalk and falling down in front of vehicles stopped at the intersection. When officers engaged the man, they noticed he had a strong smell of alcohol. Mr. Fedorka, who according to reports was in a wheelchair, was also yelling at officers and generally acted uncooperative during the situation. When asked how much he had to drink that night, Mr. Fedorka said, “Nothing, I just want to go home.”

According to the report, Mr. Fedorka repeatedly fell asleep as officers were speaking with him. This was enough for officers to conclude he was too drunk to remain in public. He was arrested and transported to CPD jail.

—Matthew Bramlett


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