Police blotter 11-27-15

Wednesday, November 18

Claremont police arrested a man at Blaisdell Park after they found him in the area acting suspiciously. Officers were called after witnesses saw 33-year-old Gustavo Zamarripa and a female companion attempt to enter the restroom with a pit bull-type dog at approximately 8:44 p.m., according to Detective Hector Tamayo of the CPD. Both Mr. Zamarripa and his companion were deaf, and officers had to communicate with them using handwritten notes. During a routine records check, it was revealed that Mr. Zamarripa had eight outstanding warrants for his arrest. He was also in possession of a methamphetamine pipe. He was arrested and booked at CPD jail.

* * * *

Two people were arrested after getting pulled over while driving a stolen vehicle. Claremont police made contact with a blue Mitsubishi Lancer after a check revealed it was stolen out of San Bernardino. Tommy Castillo, 34, of Chino Hills was the driver, and in the passenger seat was 32-year-old Melanie Humpert of San Bernardino. An additional check of the car revealed a meth pipe in the ashtray and a bag containing numerous pieces of mail from different residences in the area. Both Mr. Castillo and Ms. Humpert were arrested and booked at CPD jail.


Thursday, November 19

Claremont police arrested a Pomona man after he stole a guitar and tried to make a getaway on his bike. Henry Orcasitas, 32, was stopped by police at about 9 p.m. after a customer at Yum Yum Donuts realized his guitar was missing. When police contacted Mr. Orcasitas, he became verbally abusive to officers. The victim was brought to the scene and Mr. Orcasitas was positively identified as the musical thief. An additional check revealed he had a meth pipe on him. Mr. Orcasitas was arrested and booked at CPD jail. The guitar was returned to its rightful owner.


Saturday, November 21

An unknown person slammed into a parked car while on his bicycle on the 1400 block of Mountain Avenue on?Saturday evening. Not much is known about the incident, other than the individual smashed the back window of the parked car and caused significant damage to the rear bumper. According to witnesses, the man got up and proceeded to walk away without seeking medical attention or calling the police. There was a significant amount of blood around the scene, according to Det. Tamayo. No trace of the cyclist has been found, and there were no records of an injured cyclist at local hospitals. Damage to the car was about $1,500.


Sunday, November 22

Customers spending the night at the Claremont Lodge got a rude awakening in the middle of the night, when an unidentified man knocked on several doors of the motel. The incident happened at 1:15 a.m., when police responded to find the man disheveled and unaware of the date and time, according to Det. Tamayo. When police arrived, the man claimed it was Halloween, then Christmas. Officers determined he was a danger to himself and others, and he was taken into custody.


Monday, November 23

An unknown male made several inappropriate sexual comments to a Scripps College professor over the phone on two separate occasions. According to Det. Tamayo, both calls are believed to have come from the same number. One call was made on November 12 and the other was made on November 17. The caller was described as a male with a deep voice. Claremont police are not releasing what was said to the professor, as it pertains to an ongoing investigation. Anyone with additional information should call the detective bureau at (909) 399-5421.


Claremont police arrested an Upland man after he wandered around the inside of Buca di Beppo and tried to hide drug paraphernalia. Officers arrived to the business after 35-year-old Jeremy Wharton was observed meandering through the restaurant and rocking back and forth while standing outside. When the police began talking to Mr. Wharton, the saw him remove a syringe from his front pocket and drop it in the bushes, according to Det. Tamayo. He also had warrants out for his arrest. Mr. Wharton was arrested and booked into CPD jail, where he was issued a citation for the needle and held for the warrants.

—Matthew Bramlett




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