Police blotter 12-18-15

Tuesday, December 8

Claremont police arrested a Torrance man after he led them on a pursuit throughout the city. At approximately 8:47 a.m., officers picked up on a silver Honda Civic on the 800 block of East Arrow Highway that was reported stolen out of Carson. When the driver, 26-year-old Kenneth Dobbs, failed to yield, a chase ensued, reaching speeds of up to 90 mph. The chase ended after 11 minutes on the 800 block of West Arrow highway in Pomona, according to Lt. Mike Ciszek. Mr. Dobbs was arrested and charged with evading police, possession of a stolen vehicle and possession of stolen property. Burglary tools were also found in the car, and Mr. Dobbs was an unlicensed driver.


Wednesday, December 9

Reginald Doby was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Pomona resident, 34, was near the 700 block of West San Jose when officers stopped him in the wake of a burglary in the area. Mr. Doby had no connection to the burglary, but a consented search of his bag revealed a glass pipe and methamphetamine in his front shirt pocket. He was arrested and taken to CPD jail, where he was booked and released with a written promise to appear.


Friday, December 11

A 22-year-old Claremont woman was observed walking in the middle of College Avenue near Second Street at approximately 12:55 a.m. When officers arrived and asked why she was walking in the middle of the road, Bouvier Robinson replied, “Because I can.” Officers reported that she didn’t know where she was or where she was going, and wasn’t wearing shoes. Police determined Ms. Robinson was unable to care for herself and and she was arrested for public intoxication.


Two unknown burglars broke into The Rim restaurant, making off with two cash registers. The incident happened at approximately 1:41 a.m., when the thieves used a crowbar to pry open the front door and gain entry to the establishment. While inside, they ransacked the business and left with the two registers, with an estimated property loss of $500. The burglars have both been described as 6 feet tall and 200 pounds. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Claremont Police Department at (909) 399-5411.


An unknown vandal threw three rocks the size of baseballs into Teaze Hair and Nail Salon, located on the 400 block of West Foothill Boulevard. The incident happened between 7 p.m. on December 10 and 7 a.m. December 11. According to Lt. Ciszek, the rocks went through the window at such a high rate of speed that they smashed two mirrors and created a hole in the drywall of the salon. Two days later, a Volkswagen and a Honda Civic had their windows smashed by  rocks of similar sizes on the 600 block of West Foothill Boulevard between 6 p.m. on the December 12 and 11 a.m. on December 13.

According to Lt. Aaron Fate, the incidents are part of a pattern of rock-throwing activity along Foothill Boulevard in the past few weeks. Officers believe the rocks are launched into the businesses and cars using some sort of device. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Claremont Police Department.


Police are looking for two thieves after a package was stolen from the front porch of a property on the 700 block of Wellesley Drive at approximately 3 p.m. Witnesses saw a woman run up to the property, take the package and make a getaway in a tan or beige Lexus or Mercedes with a male passenger. The female is described as white, around 20 years old, five feet, seven inches tall and 115 pounds with blonde hair. She was last seen driving east on Wellesley. The package contained about 300 dollars worth of fine chocolates.


On the same day, between 10:04 a.m. and 6 p.m., another package was reported stolen from a property on the 600 block of Bluefield Drive. According to the report, the victim received an email from UPS saying a package containing Christmas gifts was dropped off at the house. When the victim arrived, the package was nowhere to be found. An unknown woman later appeared at the victim’s house with the opened package, claiming she found it on Charleston Drive. The package contained Ugg boots and figurines. The thieves have not been identified, and neighbors did not hear or see anything suspicious around the time of the theft.


Sunday, December 13

A man allegedly made threatening statements to a woman at a Christmas party on the Harvey Mudd campus early Sunday morning. At approximately 12:33 a.m., the man, who was wearing a white sweater with snowflakes, approached the woman and threatened to kill her. According to the woman, the man told the victim she was Jewish and he wanted to “kill them all.” The victim did not know the man, who is only described as 25 years old and six feet, three inches inches tall. Police are investigating the incident as a hate crime. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Claremont Police Department.

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