Police blotter 3-8-19

Tuesday, February 26

Between 2:30 p.m. and 6 p.m., two thieves entered the victim’s unlocked car at the Evey Canyon turnout, taking two wallets, around $800 in cash as well as gift cards and credit cards, Lt. Jason Walters of the Claremont Police Department said. The cards were used at two different Walmart locations in Pomona and Upland. Anyone with information should call the Claremont Police Department at (909) 399-5411.


An unknown burglar broke into a home on the 500 block of Baughman Avenue. Between February 23 and February 26, the thief entered through an unlocked bathroom window and ransacked the house, but ultimately left with nothing. Police are investigating.

Wednesday, February 27

Two people were arrested after police reportedly found drugs in their possession. A witness called police around 9:45 a.m. regarding two people who were acting suspiciously in an alleyway on the 400 block of Cucamonga Avenue, Lt. Walters said. When police arrived, they found 28-year-old Stephen Gutierrez of Pomona, allegedly had meth and a meth pipe in his possession. The other person, 27-year-old Alyssa Morales of Pomona, allegedly had a pipe herself. Both were arrested and taken to CPD jail.


A car was broken into in the parking lot of a church on the 1700 block of north Towne Avenue. Between 7:30 a.m. and 9:45 a.m., the unknown thief smashed a front window, taking a purse. Credit cards in the purse were used at Kohl’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods in Upland. Lt. Walters said police are investigating.

Friday, March 1

An Upland man was arrested after police allegedly found drugs in his car during a traffic stop. Jerome Womack, 50, was pulled over as he pulled into Motel 6 around 9:50 p.m. for having expired registration. Mr. Womack was on parole, and a search of his car yielded meth and a meth pipe, Lt. Walters said. He was arrested and taken to CPD jail.

Saturday, March 2

Someone tried to break into a car at Claremont Village Green, but left empty-handed. Between 11:15 a.m. and 12:15 p.m., the thief smashed the driver’s side window of the car, went through it and tried to open the car’s trunk, but was unsuccessful.


Police are investigating an apparent attempted theft of a communal mailbox on the 600 block of Base Line Road. The mailbox was discovered around 2 p.m. damaged, and was initially seen as vandalism, but Lt. Walters noted it could have been an attempted theft of the entire mailbox. No mail was taken, and police are investigating.

Sunday, March 3

A Rancho Cucamonga man was arrested for DUI after he was seen blocking a resident’s driveway on the 700 block of Ridgefield. When police arrived to the scene, they found 36-year-old Ervin Cruz in the car while it was still running, and displaying clear signs of being under the influence, Lt. Walters said. He was arrested for DUI and taken to CPD jail.

Monday, March 4

A Pomona man was arrested after he was caught allegedly making a drug transaction. A witness called police around 11:15 a.m. and claimed they saw a hand-to-hand drug transaction happen on the 600 block of south Indian Hill Boulevard, Lt. Walters said. One of people involved, 23-year-old Justus Akins, was found by police and was allegedly in possession of meth. The other person wasn’t found. Mr. Akins was arrested on suspicion of possession of meth for sale and taken to CPD jail.

Matthew Bramlett



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