Our 2019 Claremont year in review will be one to remember

Coming oin this Friday’s edition, will be our annual COURIER 2019 year in review that will highlight everything from unique crimes, the city news, sports, arts and entertainment. It’s really amazing is how much news us Claremonters can create in just 365 days! Here’s a sample from the June police blotter, just another day at the office for the Claremont Police Department.

In June, a Grand Terrace man almost pulled off the escape of the year after he slipped out of a police car while being arrested. When police initially contacted 34-year-old Thomas Schaffer on the 500 block of Foothill Boulevard around 1 p.m. on June 25, he gave a false name to officers, had a warrant out for his arrest and was allegedly in possession of a hypodermic needle. He was handcuffed by police and placed in a squad car. As officers were searching his property, Mr. Schaffer crawled out of an open back window of the car and ran from the scene. He was later located in the Colleges at Sixth Street and Mills Avenue, still in handcuffs, and taken into custody.

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