Police catch repeat offender for theft at Vons

On Tuesday, June 23 one has to credit Derrick Holland for his dogged criminal persistence. Last week, the 59-year-old Pomonan was arrested for commercial burglary after allegedly loading up a shopping cart with booze at Vons on Base Line Road about 10:30 a.m. and pushing it out the door without paying. This week, Mr. Holland broke the first rule of criminality when he returned to the scene of the (alleged) crime, again at the unusual party time of 10:44 a.m. This time he allegedly relieved Vons of $1,400 worth of meat, chicken and shrimp along with a sizable selection of alcohol. This week’s alleged accomplice and driver was Anaheim resident Dung Nguyen, 47, who piloted the getaway vehicle, for a minute anyway. Claremont PD pulled over Mr. Nguyen in the shopping center parking lot, located the hot groceries, and arrested the pair. Mr. Holland was booked for burglary, and Mr. Nguyen for an outstanding warrant and driving on a suspended license. Mr. Nguyen cited out, but since Mr. Holland was a very recent repeat offender, he spent the night in Claremont jail and was due in Pomona Superior Court Thursday.

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