High-speed pursuit leads Claremont police to San Bernardino

A high-speed pursuit ended in arrest Friday night, but not before traveling clear into San Bernardino. The chase began around 9 p.m. on South Indian Hill Boulevard near the 10 freeway. The man failed to stop for Claremont Police, who were alerted of the stolen car, instead leading them on the 10 freeway headed west. He attempted to throw police off his path by exiting at Dudley Avenue, running a stop and heading back onto the freeway going east, but police continued in pursuit.

Claremont Police exited the chase around Vineyard Avenue in Ontario, at which time California Highway Patrol and other agencies took over, according to Det. DeMetz. The chase reached speeds of 120 miles per hour, and called for additional support including the use of a helicopter. The man was finally detained in the 2000 block of Fifth Street in San Bernardino. The man arrested was a 16-year-old juvenile with previous stolen vehicle arrests, said Det. DeMetz. He is being held at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall. No injuries were sustained during the pursuit. 

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