Readers comments 8-13-21

Claremont Contradictions
Dear editor:
We are all saddened by the fentanyl-caused death of the teenage girl in Claremont. However, at least a vocal minority forced the removal of the police officer from the Claremont High campus. That officer, more than any other person, was in a position to prevent drug sales and distribution at Claremont High.
In another contradiction, citizens and council made it plain that they wish to retain the Claremont Police Department, although city studies have shown that savings of more than $400,000 per year to Claremont would result from having the sheriff take over police duties.
While citizens and council are determined to retain the Claremont Police Department, they seem unwilling to provide the local police with adequate facilities. Twice the public has voted down proposals to build a modern police station.
My family and I have lived in Claremont for 55 years. I see far less responsible citizenship here today than in years past, and I see two glaring contradictions as explained above.
Hal Durian

A thanks to Pomona Valley Hospital
Dear editor:
During the 10 days I spent at Pomona Valley Hospital, eight of them in the ICU, I never saw the face of a health care worker. RNs, LVNs, CNAs, doctors, technicians, cleaners, all were masked and covered in PPE. The halls were lined from floor to ceiling with boxes of supplies. So overwhelmed with the sick and dying was the staff that it took seven hours before I was moved from the ambulance, followed by another five hours in the emergency room, before a bed could be found for me. My sister was called twice to tell her to prepare for the worst and once to tell her that I was minutes away from intubation. In my desperate condition, where delirium was the order of the day, I accused one nurse, who was trying to get me to breathe, of trying to kill me. She, like every other member of the staff, continued to treat me with loving care and great respect. My life was saved by the wonderful staff of Pomona Valley Hospital. Sufficient words to thank them do not exist. Please help me to honor them by getting vaccinated, wearing your mask, and treating each other with loving kindness.
Marilyn Lubarsky


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