Reader’s comments: April 1, 2022

Little League cleanup
Dear editor:
I often walk around La Puerta Sports Park on weekday mornings to enjoy the outdoors and get a little exercise. What I have been finding on Monday and/or Tuesday mornings since Little League games started up in early March is a section of a beautiful community park full of trash and debris left around the northeast corner near the baseball diamond.
Without fail, the trash cans are overflowing, there is trash strewn around the area far and wide, and often there are empty boxes, bags, cans and bottles and the packages they come in piled next to the full trash cans. As a result, bags of pet waste are piled on top of the mess – at least dog owners are being conscientious about where they leave their trash.
I hope the Little League association is expected to pay, as part of their permit to use the park, for the excess trash they produce. And I believe, if it is within the authority of the city, that they should be fined for the disrespectful way they leave the park after use. At the very least, part of the solution would be to park a few more trash cans at the park during the baseball season.
Please help them to keep the park clear so that all of us can enjoy it.
Pamela Hawkes

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