Readers’ comments: June 2, 2023

Thanks for sharing your journalism journey

Dear editor:

Re: Mick Rhodes’ May 26 “Going There” column.

Thank you for sharing your professional journey as a journalist [“Awards season brings a meaningful, full circle moment”], and I commend you on your accomplishments. Your story will encourage aspiring local journalists, who are passionate about making an impact, to never assume that obstacles to success are too great to be overcome or that there isn’t someone “out there” looking for exactly what they have to offer. Well done. Quality journalists are more important than ever.

Charles Edwards


How about a renter registry for landlords?

Dear editor:

In the May 26 article [“Council okays second reading of ‘no fault’ eviction ordinance”] about the “no fault” eviction ordinance, a concern was expressed “that Claremont does not have a rental registry …” which could provide valuable information to renters.

If the purpose of a registry is to promote fairness, transparency and protection, then Claremont equally needs a renter registry, which could provide valuable information to landlords, including verifiable income; on-time payment history; a calculation of how much they can reasonably afford (rent/income ratio); a verifiable reference list of the landlords from whom they have rented in the past (with ratings and reviews); prior lease rule infractions/violations; and a history of any post-rental repair expenses and any legal remediation/litigation/enforcement assistance which may have been necessary, including whether any enforcement assistance was required.

Were any concerns expressed about the cost of creating and maintaining this registry, who is going to actually do the work, who is going to pay for it, and what oversight there will be to ensure it is current, accurate and fair?

Russ Binder


Reject Larkin Place fear mongering

Dear editor:

This in response to an anonymous letter sent to the citizens of Claremont opposing Larkin Place.

This past week an unsigned letter reached our house protesting Larkin Place, the proposed supportive housing development for the unhoused. It was a hateful screed of ignorant, fearful minds, filled with misconceptions, myths, and half-truths about some of our neighbors who through chance and hard luck happen to be living on our streets.

Worse than that, the fine, upstanding citizens who concocted this message did not have the courage to identify themselves. Like all denizens of darkness, they hide in the shadows of fear and resentment.

The truth is, this project will not attract so-called “undesirables.” It will in fact provide housing to a number of our neighbors who have fallen on hard times, who may have diminished capacity for self-care, fine Americans, if you will, deserving a chance for something better. Recovery is available; where appropriate and sufficient services are provided, it is a real possibility.

Easy? Not in the slightest.

Larkin Place offers Claremont the opportunity to do its patriotic duty to support lives restored. I’ve worked with the homeless who suffer mental illness in Long Beach, Seattle, and Portland, in programs sufficiently funded and appropriately staffed that are making a difference. We can step it up and do the same right here in Claremont. It’s the decent thing to do; it’s the American thing to do.

I urge our citizens to reject this sort of anonymous fear. We are better than this.

Fr. John C. Forney


Forney is the CEO of House of Hope, San Bernardino.

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