Readers’ comments: October 13, 2023

Chain restaurants detract from Village vibe
Dear editor:
The Village in Claremont has a plethora of restaurants and now we can expect two more new ones soon, including the one in the former Press site [“Going There,” October 4]. Whatever happened to discretion and good taste (no pun intended) in selecting eateries for our very unique downtown? More specifically, not allowing “chain” restaurants or cafes would keep Claremont unique and special. The new ones going in are just that, just another chain. If we want to go to chain restaurants, we can go just outside our city limits and find plenty.
So, why not limit what businesses are allowed to come into the Village to set up their eateries, be something more desirable than just another “chain” and keep our hometown someplace more desirable?
Kae Yates

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