Claremont Colleges virus numbers tell the story

by Mick Rhodes |

COVID-19 numbers at the Claremont Colleges are for the most part in line with those among local public elementary and secondary school students.

There are 8,431 students scattered across the Colleges’ seven campuses this year.

Here are the latest COVID test results:

• Pomona College: 1,741 students tested, zero positive results; 176 staff, with one positive. YTD totals, nine students, nine staff.
• Claremont Graduate University: 23 students tested, no positives; 8 staff, no positives. YTD, not available.
• Scripps College: 654 students tested, no positives; 339 employees, one positive. YTD, three students, one employee.
• Claremont McKenna College: 1,288 students tested, no positives; 132 faculty/staff, no positives. YTD, 14 students, four faculty/staff.
• Pitzer College: 492 students tested, no positives; 27 faculty/staff, one positive. YTD, six students, two faculty/staff.
• Harvey Mudd College: 485 students and faculty/staff tested, no positives. YTD, four students, one faculty/staff.
• Keck Graduate Institute: not available.

The Claremont Colleges Services released this statement Thursday:

“The institutions have aligned on mandating COVID vaccinations, conducting weekly testing, providing quarantine and isolation spaces, contact tracing, medical follow-up, the availability of 24/7 medical and mental health consultations through 7C Health, and other resources. All policies and procedures consider the health and safety of our community as a top priority. There are slight variations on implementation efforts across the consortium mostly attributed to the unique culture of each campus, the desire of the home institution to best respond to the needs of its students and the medical provider assisting the institution.”

The Colleges each have robust testing and contact tracing protocols as well. Quarantined students have a variety of services available to them.

“Each of the undergraduate institutions provides safe, comfortable quarantine and isolation housing with extra thought and consideration put into provide food, supplies, services and other amenities for the student,” read the TCCS release. “Student and academic deans are in contact and work closely with the student also providing resources and support for mental health and wellness.

“The institutions of TCC recognize the impact of COVID on students and offer enhanced resources to support students throughout this time. The Monsour Counseling and Psychological Services remains available for virtual appointments for students as well as support for students through 7C.Health—24/7 medical and behavioral telehealth care for students.”


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