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Claremont Profiles

by Peter Weinberger | As a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit newspaper, we are launching our first-ever three-year campaign drive to raise necessary operating funds to ensure the COURIER continues to […]

Historic Claremont Home for Sale

Real estate agents tend to toss around the phrase “one of a kind,” but salesmanship can lean toward hyperbole, and sometimes it’s a stretch. But in the instance of the property at 2373 N. Indian Hill Blvd., the product lives up to the billing.

Keith Strenger

Nosy Neighbors Coffee and Donuts, which officially soft-opened on Thursday after six months of preparation. The shop gives patrons the caffeine boost they asked for while also providing them with mini donuts and the latest buzz around Claremont.

Peaches the Rescue Dog

by Mick Rhodes | The COURIER interviewed Peaches, a smallish 13-year-old local dog, for a canine-eye-view of life. She gave us that and much more, with this telling blow-by-blow […]

Mayor Stark

When Mayor Jennifer Stark arose on Tuesday September 14, she undoubtedly knew it would be a long day. But she had no idea just how long. That evening, the Claremont City Council was set to make a decision on the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance and whether to tie its implementation to the Village South Specific Plan.

Dr. Martin Hyung-Il Lee immigrated to the U.S. from South Korea in 1974, becoming the first in his family to graduate from college before going on to medical school. As […]

Minutes before Dr. Raymond Chae was set to clock out for lunch last Wednesday, the founder and small animal veterinarian of Peppertree Animal Hospital was called to action.

Hidden between Aromatique and an outdoor patio space sits a short, narrow pathway that leads to Neon Moon, the Village’s new art supply store and studio. Opened on July 5 by Xrstine Franco with help from her boyfriend, Ilir Zeneli, New Moon is a unique, one-stop-shop that can be described as an artist’s candy store.

On Tuesday, the COURIER dropped by Everett’s Shoe Repair unannounced to chat with its new owner, Victor Ojeda, a shoe repairman from Los Angeles who wants to keep the shoe repair industry alive. “The craft that we do here, how you repair a shoe, and how you can bring back to life a really old pair of shoes…some people call it…an art that not so many can do anymore,” he said. “I wanted to give it a life and keep [it] going.”

Thirteen years ago, automotive enthusiast Steven Solis was well known in the community for his work under a car hood instead of behind the coffee counter.

It was a routine morning for 10-year Claremont resident Abbie Moore as she woke up and started her day on June 27. All was fine until she noticed something missing from her house: the Pride flag that was hung outside her front porch. “I was in my kitchen on Sunday and I stepped into my living room where I usually have a really good vantage point of the flag,” she said.