2022 unhoused count sees uptick across county, Claremont

Last month, results were released from the 2022 Greater Los Angeles Point-in-Time unhoused count, which was facilitated by Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority over three days in February when volunteers fanned out across the county, including Claremont.

The count not only sorts how many unhoused people are living within the greater Los Angeles area, but also determines how much federal funding is allocated toward addressing homelessness in each city.

In Claremont, 26 unhoused people were counted, with none noted living in a homeless shelter or site, according to LAHSA data. Three people were counted living in cars, two inside an RV, four in makeshift shelters, and 17 on the streets.

In 2020’s count, 17 unhoused people were noted in Claremont. This year’s result reflects a 52.8 percent increase. The count was canceled in 2021 due to the Covid pandemic.

To view Claremont’s 2022 numbers, visit lahsa.org/. 

Overall numbers included 69,144 unhoused people in Los Angeles County, a 4.1% rise from 2020, and 41,980 in Los Angeles proper, up 1.7% from 2020.

“This year’s Homeless Count results offer a stark contrast to the results of the Homeless Counts between 2018 and 2020, where LA County saw a 25.9% increase and the City of LA experienced a 32% increase,” read a LASHA news release.

To learn more, visit lahsa.org or call (213) 683-3333.


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