Applicants sought for city commissions

Residents interested in taking a more active role in the city’s decision-making process are encouraged to apply for appointment to a city commission.

Applications are currently being accepted to fill potential end-of-term and unexpected vacancies on various City of Claremont commissions. Interested persons are encouraged to file an application with the city clerk.

Applications, including supplemental questions, and information are available in the city clerk’s office at city hall, 207 Harvard Ave., Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., or online at Applications are due on or before June 6.

According to the city in a recent post, Claremont has five commissions: architectural, community and human services, planning, police, traffic and transportation. Their purpose is to advise and assist the city council in addressing issues related to the commission’s area of concern, through gathering pertinent information, hearing arguments, weighing values, and making recommendations to the council.

Each commission is comprised of citizens appointed by the city council and the specific powers and duties of each commission are attached to the application.

Qualifications for commission service include: Claremont residency (with certain exceptions), a strong interest in the community and the work of the commission, and the ability to give generously of one’s time while serving.

A personal interview with a two-member city council sub-committee will be scheduled for all applicants. It is the council’s goal to appoint individuals who reflect the diversity of the community.

For more information, contact the city clerk’s office at (909) 399-5461 or (909) 399-5463.


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