Benton Museum of Art opens latest exhibition

Recently, Pomona College’s Benton Museum of Art, located at 120 W. Bonita Ave., announced the opening of “Each Day Begins with the Sun Rising: Four Artists from Hiroshima,” the first United States exhibition for four Japanese contemporary artists: Megumi Fukuda, Taro Furukata, Genki Isayama, and Kana Kou, according to the museum.

“These artists present work that explores the ongoing environmental, cultural, and social impact of the United States’s fatal bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, particularly in light of Japan’s postwar industrialization and investment in nuclear power,” the museum said in a statement. “Hailing from Hiroshima and its neighboring Seto Inland Sea region, the artists use multiple approaches and media — drawing, painting, site-specific installation, video, social activism, and historical research — as tools to address politics and resilience in the region.”

The exhibition, on display from February 10 until June 25, is said to be the result of a unique partnership between Hiroshima City University and Pomona College.

An opening celebration with the artists is scheduled for February 12. Visit the Benton’s website for the most up-to-date information on the event. For more information about the exhibit, the featured artists or the upcoming opening event, visit

The exhibition is curated by Rebecca McGrew, senior curator, with assistant curator of collections Salim Moore, Sam Yi Ying Chan (class of 2022), Vivian Kuo (class of 2023), Madeleine Mount-Cors (class of 2023), Max Podell (class of 2024), and Max Uehara (class of 2025).


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