Burly visitor surprises Claremont couple

Claremonters are accustomed to dealing with wildlife around their homes, mostly smaller critters, ranging from rarely seen to annoying and troublesome. Coyotes top most residents’ lists, mostly because of the harm they can bring to family pets.

Once in a while though bears or bobcats make an appearance, usually scanning the area for food. That was the case one recent evening when Claremont resident Pat Shaner was inside his home on Via Espirito Santos Street.

After hearing rumbling in the backyard and seeing security lights triggered, he went downstairs to investigate and saw a large bear drinking from a hummingbird feeder right outside his bathroom. The bear not only seemed relaxed, it also had a clear idea how to drink from the small feeder.

He quickly yelled for his wife Christine Hayes to bring down her phone for a photo, which we see here, aided by an inside light from the bathroom.

The bear was unfazed by the impromptu photo session, and went right on emptying the hummingbird feeder. Shaner and Hayes then simply turned off the light and went back to bed.

Needless to say, the surprise visit is something the couple will never forget.


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