CHS locked down as police seek suspect in murder investigation

Claremont Police Badge

Police looking for a suspect in a murder investigation ordered three people out of their car at gunpoint Thursday afternoon after a traffic stop in front of Claremont High, resulting in a 30 minute lockdown at the school.

The 3:56 p.m. incident was preceded by one of Claremont’s license plate reader cameras picking up on a Toyota Yaris that had been flagged by police in Victorville in connection with a murder investigation in that city. Victorville authorities cautioned CPD the person they were looking for was armed and dangerous.

Claremont police caught up with the car as it was heading north on Indian Hill Boulevard and pulled it over in front of Claremont High School.

Police elected to conduct the stop where they did because the driver of the Yaris, identified as Pomona resident Sabrina Siqueiros, 31, was about to turn left to enter CHS property. Because it was a “high risk stop,” the three occupants were ordered out of the vehicle at gunpoint.

Police questioned Siqueiros and two juveniles, but the suspect Victorville police sought was not in the car. The two juveniles were not CHS students.

Because of the proximity to the school police locked down both the high school and the Youth Activities Center in Cahuilla Park.

Five police units were involved in stop while other units conducted safety and traffic control.

Officers filled out interview cards on the three occupants and cited Siqueiros for being an unlicensed driver. All three were released at the scene.


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