Claremont Heritage Gala mixes fun with fundraising

After attending two annual galas over an eight-day period — Claremont Chamber gala was the first on May 27) — it became easier to recognize how many of the same people attend both these functions. Sometimes it’s easy to forget Claremont is still a small town, loaded with many longtime residents. And those residents make an effort to give back to the community. So when Claremont Heritage entertained with us with a lively gala on Saturday, it made perfect since why so many people attended both galas. We are in the middle of the gala season for Claremont nonprofits. And congratulations to the Wheeler family and the Claremont Chamber of Commerce who were honored for their longtime service.


A crowd of over 250 people attended the gala at the Doubletree.


Excitement reached a fever pitch during the donation segment of the program.


Obviously this was a high level conversation before dinner with Diann Ring, Ed Reece and Corey Calaycay.


The Wheelers were all smiles after accepting the Bess Garner award for historic preservation.


Catherine McIntosh and David Allen were all smiles.


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