Taste of Claremont coming to you Saturday

For 12 years, the Claremont Rotary
Club has been bringing together
many of Claremont’s best restaurants
in the annual food-and-fundraising
event, A Taste of Claremont. This year’s
event is scheduled for Saturday, April 21,
at the Claremont University Consortium.
Claremont residents may have noticed
the vibrant flier created to advertise the
culinary fundraiser and wondered about
which vintage citrus brand has been repurposed
by the Rotary Club.
The flier is not an edited old Claremont citrus
grower’s label, but was created almost entirely from
scratch by James Schenck, a Claremont High School
graduate who created the flier for the poster design
“After looking over past ‘Taste’ designs, I saw
which designs I needed to steer clear from and settled
on this concept that went on to win the competition,”
Mr. Schenck reported from San Fransciso, where he
attends college. “I was originally inspired by Claremont’s
bountiful history of orange groves and found
a lot of inspiration for the design came from the style
of orange crates. Since the name of the event is ‘Taste
of Claremont,’ I thought that the theme would fit perfectly.”
Mr. Schenck created the flier with Photoshop, his
all-around tool of choice.
“I have been an avid Photoshop user for 7 years
and love creating designs for my clients, personal use
and, a lot of the time, just for fun,” he said. “I spend
a lot of my day designing projects in Photoshop and
other graphic design software, which really helps my
studies as a cinema major at San Francisco State.”
Mr. Schenck’s aptitude with media technology has
developed over a long period of time and across various
fields. He has been seriously involved in video
production for years, a passion which flourished during
his years at Claremont High School when he was
enrolled in Deborah Conow’s Advanced Video Production
A current extension of his cinematic ambitions is a
project called Herp Derp Nation.
“I am currently working on a YouTube Channel:
Herp Derp Nation, which produces videos for entertainment
lovers, video gamers and technological
geeks via livecasting and short films,” he explained.
“My friend Michael and I are working very hard on
expanding our viewer base and have had a lot of great
support so far.”
Herp Derp Nation can be viewed at www.youtube.
com/thederpnation and at www.twitch.tv/herpderp
James Schenck’s father, Steven, has been involved
in the Rotary Club of Claremont for many years and
encouraged him to submit his design.
Funds raised at A Taste of Claremont will partially
support Rotary International, but will also support
local organizations including Inland Valley Hope
Partners and Claremont After School Programs
A Taste of Claremont will take place on Saturday,
April 21, from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Administrative Campus
Center of the Claremont University Consortium,
101 S. Mills Ave.
Tickets may be purchased online at www.tasteof
claremont.org for $65, or for $75 at the door on the
day of the event. Additionally, tickets are for sale at
the following Claremont businesses: Wolfe’s Market,
Xerxes, Susa and Prudential Wheeler Steffen Real
For a complete list of Claremont restaurants that
will provide cuisine at the event, visit www.tasteof
claremont.org. Attendees must be at least 21 years of
age to attend the event, which includes live music,
dancing, a raffle and an art display and auction.
—Sasha Rindisbacher


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