Clear skies, summer weather on tap this week

This time of year, you may be getting a sense of deja vu given the weather patterns are so consistent and predictable. That means mid-90s are in store for high temperatures in Claremont, with lows around 70. Chance of rain in the mountains is possible, but much more so to the east towards Big Bear Lake. Repeat the next day, and that’s about it. It will be 95 to 70, hot, sunny, with more humidity, through next week and the 15-day forecast. This weather also left us with very clear skies, as seen here at Raging Waters looking northeast on Sunday. COURIER photo/Peter Weinberger

The Puddingstone Reservoir can we seen in the background behind the 210 freeway on a warm Saturday before sunset. The photo was taken from Jaeger Park in Claremont. COURIER photo/Peter Weinberger


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