Courier’s ‘Timeless Claremont’ to be unveiled Saturday at book launch party

by Peter Weinberger | 

“Timeless Claremont,” one of the most dynamic books of photography ever published about Claremont and its people, with 170 pages of incredible photojournalism culled from more than 50 years of local Courier coverage, is now in hand.

The public is invited to celebrate at a book launch party with Courier friends and family from 3 to 6 p.m. Saturday at Claremont Graduate University’s Jenkins Courtyard, 1055 N. Dartmouth Ave., Claremont, where we will have about 150 copies of “Timeless Claremont” available for purchase for $79.

The remainder of the run will arrive the first week in January to fill all advance and new orders.

The nonprofit Courier was honored to be part of GivingTuesday, which was created to encourage people to donate to nonprofits who work so hard for the greater good. The Courier represents more than 115 years of giving by keeping the public informed with fact based journalism. We could not continue publishing without the grassroots support or more than 500 donors, and counting.

Your donations allow us to give back to the community in substantial ways. Our robust website has no paywall, allowing readers access regardless of income. This is critical in combating the misinformation that continues to grow all around us. We also serve other local nonprofits with critical discounts so they can market themselves and their causes. We profile new businesses, have an in-depth local events calendar, and publish dozens of news briefs weekly, free of charge, informing the public of important people, places and events happening in and around our community. The Courier has covered Claremont’s city government for more than a century, informing stakeholders on the impact of its decisions. Our columns will make you think, regardless of whether you agree. And that’s okay. Our Readers’ Comments feature is another free public service, allowing all manner of criticism, kudos, and new points of view to consider.

There is no question the Courier makes a difference in our community. And our staff is committed in continuing our work in an ever-changing, challenging world and news media landscape.

The nonprofit Claremont Courier connects the public with award-winning, accurate, and timely journalism that impacts their lives. We are ever cognizant of our vital role as watchdog of our shared community, and provide this important information to everyone, 24/7 through our digital and print mediums. We are committed to public service, and to telling the stories of local newsmakers, organizations, businesses, and the voiceless.

“Timeless Claremont” is our gift to the people who support our mission. It’s also an important revenue source to maintain that mission. Through it all, our goal is to continue to serve our city and be a voice the public can trust. Our mission is simple, yet specific, and we thank all of you for helping to make it happen.

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