CPR training takes center stage at El Roble

It takes a group of 40 people to handle the preparation for Claremont Rotary’s annual Together We Prepare first aid training at El Roble. By the end of the three-day event, 464 students trained and practiced two separate CPR techniques.

What makes this this training unique are the review of dos and don’ts in an emergency situation. For example, one must ask permission to start CPR. That may seem odd, but nodding your head counts as yes or no. If a person cannot respond, trainers advised participants to review the situation and a specific person to call 911 immediately. Don’t just yell, “call 911!”

One might think it unlikely eighth graders would administer CPR in an emergency, but when one considers those who care for children other than parents, the need is apparent. In fact, there are classes available to learn CPR techniques for infants as well.

Claremont Rotary remains front and center by helping to educate young students on CPR training.

Claremont Rotarians Rich Laughton, right, and Michael Pearlman demonstrate the technique used to aid someone who is choking, a move very similar to the Heimlich maneuver.


“Don’t slap the faces!” was the last thing Rotarian Bonita Ramos told student before they started practicing CPR techniques on dummies. Reason? They break easily.


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