Creative Mindfulness 3: An Open Letter to the CA Black Bears

Hello and welcome. This is Janice Hoffmann for the Claremont Courier, and thanks for taking a four-minute break from your busy day to smile as you listen to the next installment of “Creative Mindfulness”. No worries. I’m not going to tell you to relax; I’m not going to tell you how to breathe. Mindfulness is simply looking at the current moment, with just a twist off normal. Creative means that you can have fun. Today’s contribution was published in the Readers Comments section of the Courier in earlier October, and uses satire, a chance to exercise your smile muscles. As you listen, imagine the narrator as one of those people who thinks the world exists solely for their amusement and their pleasure, and that all other creatures and events should bend to their whims.




Thanks for listening and don’t forget to go to scroll down to listen to all of our podcasts, especially to the Creative Mindfulness series.

This is Janice Hoffmann. Stay safe and see you next Tuesday,


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