Dial-A-Ride gets city council funding approval for 2012

Claremont-based nonprofit Dial-A-Ride will continue to receive proper funding through the year, despite a spike in demand.

Claremont City Council unanimously supported its continuation through 2012 with a $30,000 allocation to help pay for the transportation program’s increased membership. The money will come from Prop A funds, given to the city on an annual basis to provide services to the community supporting health, safety and accessibility regulations.  

The allocation is needed to fund the program, ensuring its current operation, while an extensive review of the program is done. The council recommended the Community and Human Services take a thorough look at Dial-A-Ride services, meeting with the public and the program’s stakeholders, to formulate how to move forward. At the current rate, funds will be exhausted in a little over 2 years.

Despite possible changes, city officials emphasized that the program will not be terminated.

“No part of this recommendation whatsoever is to do away with the program,” said City Manager Tony Ramos, “ It’s more looking at the financials, and how we can reorganize the program so we have a way to continue this wonderful program in the future with the revenue we receive.”

By suggestion of Councilmember Corey Calaycay, the city will also look to Foothill Transit to work on possibly integrating with Dial-A-Ride to help relieve some of the burden. The council felt coordinating the programs in some way would be mutually beneficial, especially with during a time when many companies, and stakeholders, are tightening their budgets.

“We have lost a couple lines on Foothill Transit because of low usage,” Mr. Calaycay noted. “They aren’t anticipating any more cuts, but it would be good to evaluate, in the same context, what services we are getting from Foothill Transit and if there are ways that we can improve that service to also complement what we are doing with Dial-A-Ride and Get About.”

A full city council report will be published in our next edition of the COURIER.


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