Free COVID-19 safety planning course for employers

On Thursday, March 3, the Labor Occupational Health Program of University of California, Berkley, will host a free, online training course for employers of grocers, restaurants, retail businesses, construction and other business sectors “on implementing your COVID-19 prevention plan.”

The event will take place via Zoom between 1 and 4 p.m. and is specifically designed for managers and supervisors across industries “where employees commonly come into contact with the public which puts them at higher risk for COVID exposure,” a flyer read.

“This interactive course will be conducted via Zoom and will focus on the protections necessary for protecting employees from COVID-19 that are required by OSHA and Cal/OSHA. You will walk away from this class with the tools necessary for creating, or improving, your COVID-19 plan for protecting your employees.”

Other topics include how to develop a COVID-19 plan, current employee rights under the COVID-19 standard and other laws and reporting requirements of cases.

Attendees will receive a template for taking notes during the seminar, free resource materials and a certificate of course completion. The class will be led primarily by Robin Dewey, MPH from UC Berkeley Labor Occupational Health Program, with occasional insight from other college faculty.

To learn more or to request registration info for this event, email The final workshop is scheduled for April 7.


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