Huge Tesla charging network opening near Claremont

One of the biggest issues for any owner of an electric vehicle is the infrastructure available for charging an EV. And Tesla has such a robust supply of charging stations in California and the U.S., numerous other EV manufacturers from BMW, Hyundai and GM, have modified their vehicles to be compatible with Tesla chargers. Tesla chargers are easy to use because they are connected the app used to drive the car.

EV owners will have more local choices for filling up near Claremont. Courier photo/Peter Weinberger

Claremont however, does not have one Tesla charging station in the city limits. In fact, the closest one is in Ontario, south of the 60 Freeway. And technically, this will continue. The good news?  Tesla is currently installing 64 charging stations at the College Park Business Center located at Monte Vista Avenue and Arrow Route in Upland. Just several hundred yards outside Claremont’s eastern border.

With 64 stations, this group unofficially represents one of the largest number of Tesla chargers at one location in Southern California. But it won’t be operational until early July, given the construction and connection work to SCE’s power grid.

This is still great news for almost anyone driving an EV, given this network will become the standard for charging in the future.


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