L.A. Music Center Spotlight applications open

Southern California high school students are invited to apply for the Los Angeles Music Center’s Spotlight competition, a free annual contest that provides over $100,000 in performing arts scholarships to local student winners.

Applying for Spotlight is free and students of all skill levels are encouraged to submit an application by October 17 at musiccenter.org. Applicants must submit a video audition which may apply to multiple categories including acting, ballet, classical instrumental, voice, dance, jazz instrumental, non-classical voice and more. Applicants receive written feedback from judges and a certificate of achievement.

Should you forge ahead from first round auditions, a second one live in front of judges and industry experts will be scheduled at a later date. Those who progress from there will be one of 16 semifinalists in their category to not only participate in master level classes, but also more auditions. After semis, Spotlight will conclude with a live grand finale performance in the evening. More details about the competition will emerge over time.

Through auditions, feedback and tutoring from professional artists and administrators, Spotlight helps facilitate artistic development.

Applications are available at musiccenter.org/spotlight. Details about each category are also available online. Call (213) 972-3332 for more info.


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