Last of the snow this season?

Southern California mountains received a steady stream of snowfall this season, including a medium dusting on Mt. Baldy and even more in the Big Bear Lake area on Friday, April 5. The long range forecast calls for sunny skies and warmer weather for the next couple of weeks, meaning the snow season is most likely coming to an end quickly. The current conditions are excellent for skiing, but with Claremont weather in the 80s midweek, it won’t last long. Locally, look for high temperatures to vary between 70-85 degrees this week, with cool evenings in the low 50s. Check out the mountain forecast. Courier photos/Peter Weinberger

Top of the Notch on Mt. Baldy at 7800 feet.


San Antonio Falls is still covered with snow but it’s melting quickly. The service road to the falls has been cleared. Courier photo/Peter Weinberger


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