Latest round of rain pounds Southern California

Had enough rain yet?

With heavy rain over the past 24 hours near Mt. Baldy Village, the cliffs along Mt. Baldy Road on Tuesday are soft causing debris to fall on the road. With over four inches of rain in the mountains, road and flooding conditions remain serious. The fast-moving storm should move out of the Claremont area quickly—after dropping over two inches of rain — leaving mostly cloudy skies and highs in the low-60s. Snow levels remain quite high at 7500 feet. Another smaller storm is scheduled to arrive Saturday. COURIER photos/Peter Weinberger

With over four inches of rain dropping in Ice House Canyon over the past 24 hours, creeks are swollen while debris and flooded streets are common along Mt. Baldy Road. This fast-moving storm will move east quickly, leaving mostly cloudy skies until Saturday.


Shinn Road remains open was water from the latest storm dropped over four inches of rain in the Mt. Baldy area. This week will be cloudy and warmer, with highs in Claremont in the low-60s.


Mt. Baldy Road remains open due to the road crews pushing debris to the side of the road on Tuesday. Over two inches of storm fell in the Claremont area, with over four inches at the Mt. Baldy Village. Courier photos/Peter Weinberger


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