The Local Collective is all about community

A neon sign inside The Local Collective. Courier photo/Hannah Newlon-Trujillo

by Hannah Newlon-Trujillo | Special to the Courier

“You come for the vibe, you stay for the shopping,” said Jennifer Bradford, who with Ariel Goode, is the co-owner of the Local Collective.

The Claremont business, on a quaint alley at 240 W. Second St., is open every day and hosts local artisans from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sundays.

Bradford is an herbalist and Goode makes homemade dog treats. The store is owned and operated by women of color who strive to foster a safe place for minority and LGBTQ+ merchants.

“You are supporting people who have overcome whatever adversity they have ever had to face in life and they still took a chance putting themselves out there,” Goode said.


The Local Collective, at 240 W. Second St., Claremont. Courier photo/Hannah Newlon-Trujillo


The owners encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy the market.

“Each maker brings a part of their own personality to the market and that is what basically goes into their products,” Goode said. “For instance, we may have two candle makers, but nothing is the same. Everybody comes in and brings their own stuff. It’s fun.”

Shoppers can find goods such as freshly baked artisan dog treats, handmade candles, herbal remedies, and crafted jewelry, and enjoy live music.


Artisan candles at The Local Collective. Courier photo/Hannah Newlon-Trujillo


“The word of mouth is priceless marketing,” Bradford said. “They literally refer loads and loads of people. It is just awesome that the community supports us just like that.”

The Collective also sells Claremont-specific products, including “the Real Housewives of Claremont” shirts.

Goode, a self-described “city girl” from Boston, fell in love with Claremont. “I love this. It feels like home now. I can go around the corner and they know my order,” she said.

Goode and Bradford have found a community with their artisans, customers, and fellow entrepreneurs.

“As a business owner you feel the connection, you feel the camaraderie; you feel the support of the local community for the most part, and that feels good,” Goode said.

The Local Collective truly places an emphasis on “local.” “We are just a local collective of artisan makers,” Goode said. “When you come in you are supporting somebody’s dream. Somebody literally sat in their kitchen and poured these candles. Somebody sat at a counter and sewed their handbags. When you are supporting a small business and you are coming to these events you are literally supporting a part of that person.”

The co-owners have great reverence for the time and effort the merchants pour into their work.

“Always remember that these are things that are made with someone’s hands, their energy, their vibe and that is priceless,” Bradford said.

The business celebrated its one-year anniversary in May.

“You are never really looked at like a consumer: you are literally looked at as an investor,” Goode said. “Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for investing in us and letting us know that anything is possible.”


The Local Collective co-owners Jennifer Bradford (left) and Ariel Goode. Courier photo/Hannah Newlon-Trujillo


The co-owners often host in-store events such as Christmas in July, sip and shop and tea, and tarot readings.

“The various themed events break up the monotony,” Goode said. “Like, yes, we are a shop. We are a business. We have to make our overhead, but a lot of times people just come and they just hang out. They do not have to buy anything, and we are okay with that because they always come back and they always support. We appreciate that.”

Bradford and Goode embrace the community they have created at the Local Collective and the Sunday market. After a year of alley markets, the co-owners have fostered a diverse and committed following.

“It is about supporting local. It is about helping the community,” Bradford said.

The Local Collective is open Wednesday through Saturday. For more information visit, or @thelocal.collectivemrkt on Instagram.


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