Organic material recycling tips

Earlier this month, the City of Claremont posted a reminder on its website explaining “all Californians are required to recycle organic material, including food and yard waste.”

Recycling organic material significantly reduces harmful methane emissions that contribute to climate change, the city added.

To recycle organic material at home, residents should place green waste and food scraps directly into their green organics container. Suitable food scraps include fruits and vegetables, grains, meat and bones, dry or solid dairy products, eggshells and coffee grounds. Food scraps may also be mixed with green waste, which includes grass clippings, leaves, plant prunings, flowers, twigs and small branches less than four inches in diameter and four feet long.

Residents are discouraged from using plastic bags for their organic material, but if they must use plastic bags, the bags must be clear to “allow the composting facility to inspect the bag’s contents prior to opening.” Bags do not need to be biodegradable or compostable, just transparent.

Residents may also consider alternative methods such as layering food waste between green waste or freezing food scraps until close to collection day.

As a reminder, residents should not place or mix food scraps with palm fronds, cacti, succulents, dirt, rock, and animal waste as these are not compostable and should always be placed in the trash container.

“Palm fronds in particular are a significant source of contamination, which can lead to increased costs,” the city wrote. Yard waste should not be bagged at any time either.

The city offers residents the option to purchase a 2-gallon countertop composting pail for $5 to help collect food scraps in your home. The pails have a snap-tight lid and hand grips for dumping, a locking seal to prevent odors, and are dishwasher safe. They are small enough to sit on your counter or be placed under the sink or in a cabinet. If you are interested in purchasing a countertop container, contact the community services department at (909) 399-5431.

The city has set up a webpage with organic recycling information and tips. The website is accessible at

If you have questions regarding the organic recycling program, email or contact the community services department.


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